February 3, 2023
turbo golf racing

Turbo Golf Racing is a vehicular golf racing video game. It was developed by Hugecalf Studios and published by Secret Mode. It was released as early access on August 4, 2022. It is available on Xbox One and Windows PCs. Additionally, it is available as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.


Turbo Golf Racing is a fast-paced arcade-style sports-racing game. You can race against friends and other players online, using a variety of different golf-related moves. These moves include boosting, dashing, and jumping. You can also collect Power Cores, which will help you get an advantage over your opponents. These Cores can be used to shoot missiles or boost your ball further.

In addition to its wide range of Power Cores, this game also features a variety of different cars and balls. It also has a large selection of environments to explore, including forests and canyons. It also supports up to eight online players. The game features a high degree of customization. Although there are no achievements or leaderboards currently, there are plenty of opportunities to complete challenges, earn rewards, and level up.

Turbo Golf Racing is a great way to challenge your skills. Its multi-player and single-player modes each have unique objectives and gameplay. The single-player mode rewards players who beat set times on each course. In multiplayer mode, you can race against up to eight other players. There are even power-ups in the game to help you get an advantage over your opponents. Power-ups like missiles and shields can slow down your opponents and help you defend yourself against them. You can also earn points by getting to the hole before your opponents. Each map is designed to take about a minute to complete.

The game also emphasizes community interaction. In addition to multiplayer mode, there are quests that you can complete in Turbo Golf Racing. Some of them will require you to play multiple matches to earn. Others require you to take the first place in a tournament. The quests will earn you Gears that you can spend in the Turbo Golf Racing Shop. While the game may not have as many cosmetic items as Rocket League, it does offer a wide range of customization options. You can even customize your golf ball in the game. For 3,000 Gears, you can make it look like a baseball!

Boost refills

Boost refills for Turbo Golf Racing are useful for powering up your car. Power ups in this game are very simple but have game-changing effects. You can use Power-Ups to boost your car’s speed, protect yourself from rocket hits, and more. However, if you’re not careful, they can make your car explode.

Boost refills for Turbo Golf Racing are available in a variety of colors, from blue to red. They can be obtained through the game’s online store or by paying real money to purchase them. Players can also earn points by winning matches and beating opponents. Players who complete a course will earn a lot of boosts.

Boost refills for Turbo Golf Racing are available at various locations throughout the course. The game’s boost meter is replenished when the ball passes through the ‘fairway’ or through floating rings. Players can also boost their ball by gliding through the air or performing flips.

The Turbo Golf Racing game has many features. In addition to its many levels, you can perform many different tricks, including jumping, flipping, and gliding. These techniques will affect the angle at which you hit the ball. In addition, a dash move will send the ball flying over a long distance.

You can also unlock cores in Turbo Golf Racing. Each core gives different buffs. Passive cores are automatically activated, while active cores need to be activated after a cooldown period. Turbo Golf Racing has 11 Power Cores in all. A combination of Magnet, Straight, and Steady can be particularly effective in solo play.


Turbo Golf Racing is a sports game inspired by Rocket League. It features a team of eight players and comically oversized golf balls. The objective is to sink the ball into a cup to win. Like Rocket League, it uses physics to create the perfect shot. The game is challenging and has a fun and addictive design.

You can boost your shots by finding boost pads scattered throughout the course. This will refill your boost meter. You can also use the preview arrow on the ball to give you a general idea of where you want to hit the ball. The objective is to get your ball into the hole at the end of the course.

While Turbo Golf Racing lacks some of the features that made Rocket League so popular, it has a fun and fast-paced multiplayer experience. While the game has a limited amount of content right now, it is a lot of fun for people who enjoy fast-paced multiplayer games. In addition to multiplayer, turbo golf racing also offers a basic single-player mode.

Rockets can be used to hit your opponents, but they aren’t as satisfying as hitting other players. In addition, you can use your pick-ups to make yourself faster. These boosts will help you catch up to the others in the race, but they don’t compensate for lack of skill.

Time trial mode

While Turbo Golf Racing shines most as a multiplayer experience, the game does include a single player mode as well. In the multiplayer mode, players travel in vehicles that are customizable to their preferences. Each player has a Power Core that has unique abilities, such as Ground Stomp. This helps them gain an advantage over the other players.

Turbo Golf Racing is still in its early access phase, so it has limited content and few online players. It also only has three different races. This mode won’t keep you captivated for very long. In addition, the game is lacking in multiplayer modes such as duos and elimination of shields and missiles.

A free cross-platform beta for Turbo Golf Racing is coming soon. The beta will be available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series XS. It will also feature 12 different courses and online multiplayer for up to eight players. The beta will also offer exclusive in-game content, such as cosmetic wheels and avatars.

Turbo Golf Racing is a challenging game that rewards players with high scores. The core premise is that players must drive their cars through a course to reach the hole, which is at the center of the course. To do this, they must hit the ball as quickly as possible while aiming for the hole. Using boosts and power cores can help players reach their goal in the shortest time possible.

Customizable vehicles

In Turbo Golf Racing, players can customize their vehicles and make them stand out in the course. The game will include four different cars that you can purchase, but you can also unlock and customize other vehicles later. These vehicles will have different abilities, such as rolling faster or hitting the ball further.

In the game, you can customize your car by using various body parts. The customization options are infinite. The only limit is your imagination. You can buy or modify different body parts and even change the car’s stats. You can also buy or customize attachments for your car, which you unlock by completing goals, completing milestones, and winning matches.

The visuals in Turbo Golf Racing are amazing. The courses are very varied and each course is unique. You can play with up to eight players at one time. The game is incredibly smooth and runs without framerate drops or visual problems. However, there is some room for improvement, such as the audio.

While Turbo Golf Racing is a work in progress and is not yet a finished product, it is already an exciting way to play the sport. In multiplayer, you can play with friends or compete against your high-speed racing skills. Turbo Golf Racing is free to play on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4 – and it’s also available on Xbox Game Pass.

Launching golf balls

Turbo Golf Racing is a game similar to Rocket League and Golf Night that lets you race through a course. You get points for being the fastest. There are many different levels that can be challenging, and you can purchase powerups and special abilities to improve your game. The controls are easy to use, and the game allows you to play with friends or against computer players.

The game features numerous options for launching golf balls, including missiles and ball cams. In addition, you can adjust the height of your shots by dipping the front of your car. You can also purchase Power Cores to improve your car’s performance. Each car can use up to two of these cores. These can increase the size of the balls, increase their bounce, or add more spin to the balls.

The game will launch on August 4 on Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access. A live open beta will also be available at that time. Players will get a chance to test out the new features before the official launch. For now, though, you can check out the gameplay trailer below. We hope you enjoy Turbo Golf Racing!

Launching golf balls in Turbo Golf Racing isn’t very difficult if you know what to do. The game’s physics are solid and the course is large and diverse. Be careful not to crash into other cars or balls as you make your way across it.