l became a dog 3 walkthrough

I Became a Dog 3 Walkthrough

After you complete the first chapter of I became a dog 3, you may be wondering how to become a human again. There are a few steps to follow, such as finding the secret room in an air vent and catching a rat in a cell phone. In this walkthrough, we’ll look at some of the more challenging challenges in the game. You’ll also find out which items you’ll need to purchase to move forward in the game.

How to become human after I became a dog three walkthrough

I Became a Dog is a role-playing game where you can play as a dog and return to a human body. Your goal is to become a human again and return to your wife, who has forgiven you for being a dog. You can also try to find a way to make her forgive you by feeding her food. If you fail in this, you can try another method to become a human.

Rat in a secret room

There’s a secret room in the house where you can find a dead rat. We’ll explain where to see it and how to solve it in this walkthrough. The secret room is located at the end of Chapter 1 and is accessed by exiting the room through an alternate entrance. You’ll find a sketch on the wall in this room, and there’s also a secret collectible on a window sill.

If you’ve got a high-level speaker, the best way to get this food is to talk to a rat and level up his language skills. The rat will only speak dog language – there’s no way to teach him to tell the human language! However, there are ways to make him understand you. By talking to him, you can get some great quests.

Getting food from the air vent

One of the most important things you need to do in I became a dog three is get the food that your dog is looking for. The dog will only eat food in an area with three dogs. The most important thing to remember in this game is to ask for food from the dog, which will make your progress in the game much faster. You will need to wait until you are near the area with three dogs to get this food.